Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority Smart Grid

Smart Grid is PREPA’s initiative to renovate the electric system infrastructure to the 21st Century challenges. We are now implementing new technology to be ready for Puerto Rico’s future scenarios. The Smart Grid will integrate administrative and operational systems to optimize our operations and services.

Smart Grid
Some of the main initiatives are:

Smart Meters

Since 1992, PREPA began to install energy consumption meters with remote communication capability. We are now upgrading this infrastructure which is fundamental to develop new services and alternatives for our customers.

Integration of Renewable Energy Sources to the Electric Grid

PREPA has several agreements to develop renewable energy projects in Puerto Rico, including wind farms, solar energy and waste to energy. Customers are now able to transfer back to PREPA generation surplus from their own renewable energy installations through the Net Metering program. The Smart Grid will allow a reliable and secure integration of these new energy sources and technologies.

Technology for Operational Efficiency

PREPA make use of modern technology to optimize the electric system operation, customer services and administrative processes. The integration of these systems produces the required intelligence for accurate operational and administrative decisions.

Smart Grid Benefits:

  • Customer empowerment for consumption related decisions
  • Renewable and alternate energy sources integration
  • Enables new products, services and markets opportunities
  • Optimization of asset utilization and operating efficiently
  • Addresses disturbances through automated prevention, containment and restoration (self-healing electric grid)
  • Operates resiliently against physical and cyber events and natural disasters
  • Provides the power quality for the range of needs in the 21st Century
  • Several of the initiatives contribute to energy cost reduction

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